Co-develop your solution with a market leader
to build a strategic partnership by getting access
to Electrolux's deep engineering expertise,
R&D resources and manufacturing network.


Co-develop your solution with a market leader to build a strategic partnership by getting access to Electrolux's deep engineering expertise, R&D resources and manufacturing network.


We are looking for external partners eager to work with a worldwide company in order to co-develop tailor-made solutions that can be integrated into our products or processes, addressing Electrolux specific challenges.

The selected partners will collaborate with us to develop an MVP of a customized application, starting from their current solution.

Moreover, they will have the opportunity to work closely with our team of experts and get free access to our labs and the Innovation Factory.

discover our 2021 challenges

Digital ergonomic
Digital ergonomic evaluation

Proper ergonomics is fundamental for the wellbeing of the employees and we are always aiming to reinforce and improve it with the use of new solutions.

We are looking for an easy-to-use tool that processes images/videos acquired with a smartphone to model the human body and, therefore, perform a fast and accurate ergonomic risk assessment, using a standardized methodology (e.g. Rapid Entire Body Assessment - REBA).
Home hygiene solutions
Home hygiene solutions

Recently, the topic of hygiene has gained public attention with the spread of Covid-19, but at Electrolux this has always been a relevant focus area in developing our products and technologies.

With this challenge, our goal is to investigate innovative solutions for hygiene in a domestic context of "the new normal". In particular, we are interested in co-developing or applying new user-friendly innovations to maintain hygiene within a household environment. The proposed solution shall be applicable to our reference products, should be cost-effective, simple and environmentally-friendly. Showing the effectiveness of the system through a visual feature is a desirable and appreciated add-on. Please note that solutions based on additives or, in general, on the use of chemicals should not be submitted to this challenge and will be rejected.
Energy harvesting
Energy harvesting device

In household appliances like washing machines and tumble dryers, sensors or small actuators placed in the rotating part of the appliances could give localized measures highly correlated to the laundry process or act locally, respectively. Mechanical and fluid-dynamical phenomena happening in washers and dryers could be used to capture some of that energy and use it to power small devices.

We are searching for solutions to be embedded in our household appliances, capable of collecting and converting mechanical actions and vibrations that occur in the drum into electrical energy (from hundreds of mW up to few W). This energy could then be used to power sensors for detecting the status (e.g. load humidity level in tumble dryers) of the laundry or to power actuator devices for acting locally. The proposed solutions may immediately use the harvested electrical energy or store it in dedicated components (e.g. supercapacitor or thin-film battery) to be used at a later time. Said solutions must be waterproof, resist to chemicals and particles during washing or drying cycles. Moreover, they must be cost-effective, simple and sustainable for mass production without compromising the overall functionality of the machine.
Augmented quality
Augmented quality control

Digital and innovative technologies are nowadays key opportunities to improve our processes, including our quality controls.

Therefore, we are searching for an innovative and dynamic system that can support and guide our quality operations, live on the assembly line. The solution should make sure that our operators will not forget any task and should highlight some tasks that are necessary only in certain given conditions. The desirable solution would guide the operator towards the correct process not only leveraging camera control, but also on the basis of historical and statistical data, providing as a final result a guided, smart and dynamic procedure.
Functional barriers
Functional barriers

At Electrolux, we are always looking for new solutions to ensure and improve food “integrity" within our refrigerators, this being of paramount importance to our consumers. Considering this multidisciplinary topic, that is covering also chemical and microbial food safety aspects, functional barriers seem a great solution to prevent migration of unwanted substances on to the food.

With this challenge, we are looking for a solution that could be applied to plastic components in our fridges to avoid contaminants migration into food while ensuring compliance to food contact tests. Said solution must act as a functional barrier having a reference thickness of 100μm (or below) and should be applied in different forms (e.g. coating, layer, surface treatment) to our components.
Surface detection
Surface detection system

Our processes and products are today using traditional materials (like glass and steel) in combination with innovative additional technologies to withstand the different conditions during their use.

We are looking for cutting-edge solutions to detect and monitor the status of a conductive surface. Said system should work in 2-dimensions and should be able to identify the deterioration of the surface over time, including potential scratches and holes. In terms of cost, dimension and interfaces, the solution should be compatible with the integration in a domestic appliance.
Low-water sustainable
Low-water sustainable washing

Water scarcity is an issue in many regions today, and global demand for water is set to increase by as much as 30% by 2050. Within Electrolux, we actively promote the development of long-term solutions to reduce water consumption, including a sustainable use of water in our washing machines, where water is used both during the cleaning phase and the rinsing one.

We are looking for in-flow treatment solutions that may reduce the water consumption, with a particular focus to the rinsing phase. Said solution, which should be sized for the integration in a standard household, must not lead to side effects like bio-film and bacteria formation, bad odours, lint deposition and residuals of softener. Moreover, it should be user-friendly, sustainable and it should assure the same rinsing efficiency of the current process, both in terms of soiling and detergent removal.
Circular packaging
Circular packaging system

Sustainability commitments are guiding our operations and business, including our search for new environmentally-friendly models and processes. In this respect, Returnable Packaging is a challenging focus area that could allow us to be more sustainable and efficient at the same time, while saving money and resources.

With this challenge, we are searching for a partner that could provide and validate with us a returnable packaging solution for finished goods, considering technical, business, business model and logistics constraints that characterize our industry.
February 12 – April 02, 2021

Electrolux teams are selecting the relevant solutions that best match with the challenges to enter the next phase.

Mid May, 2021
If your solution is selected, you will be invited to pitch your proposal to the Electrolux Top Management, who will award the winners.
Access the most advanced labs and facilities
Learn from the top players in the sector
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2019-2020 PROGRAM

Power IQ
Smart Fridges
Our homes are turning smarter and smarter, so our fridges, being connected and equipped with new technologies such as cameras and artificial intelligence.
How might we combine big data and smart fridge:
1. to manage and optimize home power supply, leveraging services, new technologies and innovative business models?
2. to minimize food waste through an effortless inventory management system that complements computer vision?
Waste to Value
Every year we produce tons of waste in office consumables, organic waste, metals, aluminum, plastics…while we are always committed to decrease the amount of waste produced, we are seeking innovative solutions, processes or services to sort, value and re-use waste or scrap material in our factories.

Microplastics Capture

Microplastics are polluting our ocean shoreline worldwide. These particles can be intentionally part of a product (like cosmetics, paints etc.) or the result of plastic products degradation including car tires, plastic waste or synthetic fibers or textiles. These synthetic fibers and other fabric particles are released whenever we do our household laundry and they are too small to be retained of by the sewage treatment network.
Electrolux is seeking technologies and solutions to capture the release of microplastics ranging from filtration systems, to technologies to detect and purify wastewater from detergent, soil, fibers residuals.
Sustainable Packaging
Packaging is essential to prevent damages to the appliances we sell, particularly the big ones, but it is a one use only component.
We are willing to investigate and develop new packaging solutions that are highly sustainable and circular, also logistics-wise, with ideally minimal use of materials, innovative in design, recyclable and reusable; in a nutshell, able to turn packaging from a mere waste into a valuable resource.
Acoustic Perception
There are noises that are perceived by consumers as annoying or, even worse, as signal of defects or malfunctioning. We are looking for reliable and scalable innovations to rapidly develop methodologies and test solutions for fast acoustic controls aimed to identify noise anomalies. Our ultimate goal is to be able to control the consumer acoustic perceptions of our appliances directly in the production line.

2018-2019 PROGRAM

2018 - 2019 DEMO DAY