1. What is the Electrolux Innovation Factory?

The Electrolux Innovation Factory is a physical space designed to accelerate innovation within Electrolux, both from a product and process perspective.

A collaborative program will connect employees and external ecosystems from consolidated partners to non-conventional players, and enable them to create, share and accelerate innovation together.

It will be located at our Porcia manufacturing site north of Venice, Italy, and opens its doors in early September 2018.

The Electrolux Innovation factory aims to help Electrolux boost its innovation through experimentation and new collaborative models in an open environment that fosters sharing and learning. We will be able to accelerate internal and external solutions and to execute them to help innovate our factories, products and processes.

The location provides an agile, open environment where solutions can be tested right away in the production lines next door, or within the Global Connectivity & Technology (GC&T) and R&D teams located nearby. This will in turn speed up the pace of innovation and execution, as well as create new value for our consumers.

Both Electrolux employees across the whole group and external parties – from consolidated partners to non-conventional players – can co-create and experiment within the Innovation Factory.
Start-ups, spin-offs, SMEs, corporations, universities, students, suppliers, customers, incubators, private inventors and anyone else who wants to innovate and experiment with us can join.

We will regularly launch specific briefs to address internal challenges across the four Electrolux Innovation Factory pillars that partners can apply to on our website.
Stay tuned!

Some of the benefits include:

  • Access to the unique network that will be the Electrolux Innovation Factory Community
  • Access to unique capabilities, competences and assets
  • Taking advantage of our well-established gateway to various global markets
  • Learning from a respected leader in the appliance industry
  • Collaborating, co-creating and experimenting with leaders and major players in the industry
  • The opportunity to scale your ideas and solutions worldwide
  • Creating true impact on consumers as well as in the daily lives of workers

Overall, it will help us improve our internal operations as well as create more value for our consumers.

From a manufacturing perspective, we expect to innovate around the “smart factory” where operations are fully digitalized and processes are flexible and efficient for fast market responsiveness and workers’ safety and well-being.

We anticipate rapid advancement in the innovation of new appliances and connected products, accessories, services, technologies and digital solutions within our core and adjacent businesses.

The aim of Electrolux in setting up the Innovation Factory is also to accelerate innovation together with external players and to provide them with opportunities to reach their full potential within their own industries.

Yes. The Electrolux Innovation Factory in Porcia will be used as a starting testbed since Electrolux hopes to set up similar co-working and collaborative spaces at other locations around the world.

We can easily replicate this model to various global markets, contexts and expectations by incorporating lessons learned and feedback from both internal and external partners.

"Booster Program"

1. Why is Electrolux looking for external solutions rather than developing them in-house?

We strongly believe and support the Open Innovation paradigm to identify new business opportunities and accelerate innovation. We want to reach innovators in non-conventional ecosystems to discover new and cutting-edge solutions to address Electrolux challenges and set-up collaborations.

Start-ups, spin-offs, SMEs, private inventors and other small businesses or anyone else who wants to innovate, experiment and provide for solutions within the selected focus areas.

The aim of the Call4Innovation is to identify the most relevant solutions to address the challenges specifically referred to the 2019-2020 Booster Program.
The ultimate goal is to assess – with the winners of the Call4Innovation – the opportunity to set up a collaboration to develop a project that might become part of the Electrolux portfolio, based on project target and requirements we will define together at the beginning of the program.
The value of partnering with Electrolux might be recognized through different collaboration models which will be defined on a case by case basis.

Application phase for Booster Program 2019-20 is now closed. On a yearly base, we launch call4innovation to collect relevant proposal from external innovators in selected challenges.

All the relevant information about the Program are described in “Terms and Conditions” and “Rules” that we will include in the https://open.electrolux.com/boosterprogram2019 platform at the Call4Innovation opening.

Submitting a proposal through the https://open.electrolux.com/boosterprogram2019 (application will be active from June 03 to July 21) does not imply for Electrolux the obligation to invite you to the Electrolux Innovation Day.
Electrolux is free to judge whether or not your solution meets the scope and requirements to address the challenges of the focus areas. If there is an opportunity for collaboration, the proponent will be invited to the Electrolux Innovation Day for further discussion.

Upon submitting your proposal through the https://open.electrolux.com/boosterprogram2019 platform, you will receive a confirmation email.
The Open Innovation team together with Electrolux experts will then start a detailed screening process that might require to contact the proponents in case further investigation is needed.
Proponents of proposals deemed as the most interesting will be invited to the Electrolux Innovation Day.

Each solution will be evaluated by Electrolux according to the challenges and requirements of the respective focus area:

• Relevance against requirements to be addressed
• User and/or functional opportunities
• Uniqueness and distinctive elements against other available solutions
• Scalability in products, technologies and processes
• Maturity level (MVP or prototype)
• Technical feasibility

No. Submissions can only be sent using the online platform https://open.electrolux.com/boosterprogram2019 (active from June 03 to July 21). Only if, at the end of the evaluation process, your submission will be considered to be interesting by our team you will be contacted for further clarifications and invited to the Electrolux Innovation Day.

No. You will not be paid for submitting your proposal to the Call4Innovation of Booster Program. Electrolux has no obligation with participants of the Call4Innovation.
Only if your proposal will be selected as eligible to join the Booster Program at the end of the Innovation Day, you will be granted a €5,000 prize.

No. Registration to the platform, application and submission are completely free.

Electrolux will use personal data of participants to the Call4Innovation to contact them in case there is the need for a follow-up meeting or for any future communication related to the Open Innovation initiatives.